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A little Bit About Me


My name is Martin Wilkins and I have been in the marketing game for a few years.
I have had a few other types of business over the years but Internet Marketing is my favorite.  I first started in Internet marketing about 4 or 5 years ago when I became bored with my previous business. I was really getting into computing and the internet at the time. Prior to this I used computers and the internet in a small way in my business. I became fascinated by all the buzz about Internet Marketing. So I  dived straight in. I am a very skeptical person as a rule and had obviously done some off line marketing. As we all know get rich schemes are pie in the sky, but after reading through a lot of the sales pages some of them were so convincing and seemingly feasible I just had to have a go.  I worked my way through quite a few of these systems,  All of them promised the earth but provided very little success, if any. I would plough through System upon System All claiming to make you money quickly and easily…Then I came back to earth....

....I Had Chased The Pie In The Sky 

What An Idiot!!!  What I did learn from all this is with the right sales copy you can pull in most people even skeptics like me...

...Most of the things I tried did not bare any fruit as you can imagine,  Some Systems do work to a degree, but unless you know how to to market them properly on the internet you may as well not bother, " you will get nowhere". I was at that stage. I just became very despondant and frustrated. I almost give it all up as a bad joke. I`d put a fair amount of cash and a ton of effort in, even learning a few things on the way, so I was rather reluctant to give it all up.

Tip No1, Never Give Up.
If you do tend to give up too easy don`t bother trying at all, it`s not for you.

At this point I decided the only way forward was to learn as much as I could about Internet Marketing , so I started searching the Internet for all the info and tools I could find for little or no cost and they are there to find, It just takes time. I did find them and still continue to do so, and learn I did, I persevered and I got there.
So stick with me….. The tools and info I am going to share with you on this FREE Membership site will help you to get there alot quicker than I did.

The Quickest Way To Anywhere
Is To Follow The Right Path

Martin Wilkins

Martin Wilkins
To Your Success


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